Help 50% More People in Under Two Minutes with Eligibility Texting

The Future of 211


More than half of all calls are made by repeat callers. This is an eligibility problem. Use this front-end system to fix eligibility at the start.


Your community needs help at all hours. Automated texting services will connect callers during off hours.


Most Americans have never heard of 211, while most agencies are already overwhelmed with calls. Use this system to increase your community reach.


Reach tracks the effectiveness of each referral. Instead of hounding service providers for updates, let Reach automatically prioritize the best services.

Reach texting powers 211 agencies with automated text messaging. Reach verifies eligibility and refers people to services to complement human operators.

Reach Text in Action


Connect more people to services, improve eligibility, and save time and resources.
Create a more responsive and mobile-friendly agency.

Most 211 agencies operate independently, with independent software, independent databases, and independent referral services. This doesn’t scale. This doesn’t work.

Despite minimal marketing, most agencies are overwhelmed by call volume. Volunteers are difficult to recruit. Training is expensive.

The problem lies is quickly shifting consumer demands and outdated technology. People expect faster, more accurate service. Change is needed not to catch up, but to create the road ahead.

With Reach texting, your agency can improve eligibility screening, make more accurate referrals, and reserve your limited resources to address more complicated problems. Use Reach to help those going without attention. Expand. Grow. Change the status quo.


    More than 50% of all calls are from people calling a 2nd or 3rd time because of eligibility problems.

  • 21 SECONDS

    The average time callers wait before connecting to 211. Use this to redirect callers to your texting service.

  • 24/7

    Callers don’t care what time of day it is. They expect you to be there. Answer them with Reach.


We started at the Startup Weekend Tech For Good, San Francisco, August 2015.
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